Get to know our LVRA owner Elisiva Esikia and read up on her on our blog title Las Vegas Rugby Academy

Rugby is a Olympic sport and we are here to make sure if that's your childs dream and you support them, we can train them to get there


We are looking for volunteer coaches for Spring Season 2020

Contact us for more info if you are interested


For this month because it's Halloween. We are looking for the best costume. So take a picture of yourself in your costume and send it in via email and we will select a winner. Send them a free LVRA merchandise. You won't know wha it is until you recieve it.  

  • We have all ages now, from youth (elementry to middle school) high school to Men and Women. Register Now!
  • Please check out our social media pages and blog (lasvegasrugbyacademy) for updates.
  • We are looking to see where our LVRA players are now after 10 years of service to the people of Las Vegas Nevada.

LVRA is looking for sponsorships for Spring Season 2020. 

If you have a business, contact us and let us know how you would like to sponsor our teams. 

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